Friday, June 19, 2009

The Answer is STILL no

Last Friday.... my tech called me over to talk to Mr Druggie about his request for early benzo rx. He had filled @#90 of said rx 2 days prior. Reason for early fill???? He lost it. Uh-huh. He goes on and on about how stupid he was to have it in his pocket and it fell out while he was working. As usual, I say not until I clear it with the MD and it is 5:20 on Friday. He insists I call the MD anyway since he thinks they are still there. They aren't. What a surprise.

Last Saturday.......I answer phone and the guy on the line is asking if he can fill his med early since he is going on a cruise Sun. I ask for his name. It is Mr Druggie and what do you know? It's for the same med as Friday. Now, I'm really ticked. I say the answer is no as it was yesterday when he asked for early fill. I also inform him that YESTERDAY the story was that he had lost the meds at work. He denies ever saying this and he needs the med because he is going on a cruise. I repeat Friday's conversation back to him and he says that it doesn't matter b/c he needs it now for his vacation. Answer: no. asks me to get phone for early benzo refil request. Can everyone guess who it is?? NOW he is leaving for Michigan on Monday. I have to bite my tongue not to start yelling at him to never come back to my pharmacy. THE ANSWER IS STILL NO. He asks when he can have it.....I tell him the day before the refil is due which is July 2nd. Not early enough for him as he will be out of town then.

Is there a cruise line on the Great Lakes now?????

Oh, and the best....he is a Medicaid patient. A cruise and a trip to Michigan while on the state's dime.


RxKerBer said...

As an update..............I have told this guy 3 time he what date he can have his is not for 5 more days.........he comes in AGAIN (4th try) today to try to refil it. STILL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I tell him again what which point he asks the friend he is with what date they are leaving town (AGAIN!!!). Miracle, they are leaving the same day I said he could refil. What a traveler!

Anonymous said...

I would contact his doctor in the meantime and tell them what has occurred and they might just cut him off

Shalom said...

First of all: The first comment (by "Online Pharmacy") is a spammer; they post to every vaguely drug related blog they can find. Don't click on his link unless you have very good antivirus and malware protection.

Second: I do not fill controlled substances early, for any reason. I don't care where you're going, fill it when you get there. Lost it? Go down to the precinct, file a lost property report and come back here with your copy. Oh, you can't do that? So sorry.