Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When the pharmacy is closed..it is closed

On the weekends, my pharmacy closes at 6pm. Signs are posted. This has been the closing time for the past 5 years since the store has been open. All other pharmacies in the area also close at 6pm except the few 24 hour stores.

Every damn weekend people want me to stay after 6 to get their damn stuff. I have been open 10hrs (Sat) or 8hrs (Sun). Get here when I am open. I am not staying. Last week, idiot #1 came up right as my cash registers were being taken by the front store supervisor. So, I had to ring her out. Which leaves me open for the next idiot to come up. My drop off window is closed and the gate is down. Idiot #2 waves several new rxs at the supervisor and asks if she can still have them filled. I said no...we close at 6. Now, before everyone gets all upset, I would probably stay for a regular customer with a true emergency. Anyway, she snaps back "Well, what time is it?", still not looking at me, but the store supervisor. I say, 6:05. She says, "So for a lousy 5 minutes you won't fill my rx?" I say, yes but there is a 24 hour big box rx less than 5 miles from here. That's too far for her to drive. Not my fucking problem. Then she has to pull the "Well, I thought I would give your pharmacy a try, but I guess you don't want my business" crap. Hell no, I don't want one more person in this pharmacy to give me attitude. GO AWAY.

I put the pick-up window gate down. Now I cannot see from the electronic switch on the wall if someone is near the gate. I hear a voice....oh you're closed? I holler over the noise of the gate...YES! I set the alarm and leave to see the woman standing there. I inform her we close at 6pm and it is now 6:10....we open at 10am tomorrow. She is at least polite and says that she will come back in the morning.

I am a person....I have a life....and I don't get paid OT to stay after my shift and help your sorry ass. Get to the pharmacy when we are open.