Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dumbest question of the far

On this lovely Sunday morning, my tech told me there was a question for the pharmacist on the phone. A gentleman gives me his wife's name and asks me to explain what "Take one tablet four times a day means." WHAT???? How can I explain simple English? So, I hesitantly means take 1 tablet 4 times a day. Now wait for it comes......

"Does that mean in the SAME day?"

What the fuck? means in the same week you dumb ass.

So, I tell him yes in the same day. "Oh, we haven't been doing that." Now wait, there's another one coming................

"So, is that every hour or so?"

Is this guy smoking crack? In my store's neighborhood, he just might be.

But laughed all day just thinking about it.

The saga continues on Monday.......9:15am. My tech and I are doing our stuff in the pharmacy. gentleman approaches the pick up counter and asks if we are open. My tech and I just look at each other and say yeeessss...........Same man from the phone yesterday. He asks what time we open. I reply 8am. He says oh I th0ught you didn't open until 9.....but still it was 15 full minutes after 9am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'lunch' time which consists of me sitting on a stool on a back counter and reading a magazine while getting interrupted 10 billion times. I hear my tech on the 4 times a day means about every 6 hours. No, you space it out. I mouthed to her if it was the same patient as the day before. She nodded.

I got on the phone, irritated at having to reexplain basic English again and now my lunch has been interrupted for this shit.
"Hi this is the RPh. Is this Mr Dumbass?'
"Didn't I speak to you yesterday on this issue of 4 times a day?"
"Well, yes but we still need some clarification."

On what? Who has the brain today? My God this is ridiculous.

Me"She need to take her medicine every 6 hours since the day is 24 hours. And 24 divided by 4 equals 6."

"So, she takes it both day AND night?"

Blood is now dripping out of my mouth from gritting my teeth so hard

" refers to a 24 hour time period. Take it every 6 hours.'
"You sound like you're getting upset with me. I'm just trying to understand this."
"I'm sorry I sound upset, I just don't understand what is the big problem with these instructions"

I know, I know it's my job to make sure they understand, but this is basic language skills. Give me a break. If you don't understand 4 times a day means in the same day and it means day and night, I cannot help you. You are too stupid.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Idiot Nurse Practitioner

Rx came in today.......zithromax 200/5 4.7ml today and 2.3ml qd for 4 more days. What the fuck? How in the world will a parent measure this? I called the NP to change it to a more reasonable 5ml and 2.5ml which has actual markins on the syringe (1tsp 1/2 tsp). She absolutely refused even when I said it would be very hard for the parents to measure. She insisted on the EXACT dose calculated by the kid's weight. What a moron. Like an extra 0.2 or 0.3ml will be toxic to the kid!! This is not lasix or furosemide for crying out loud.

I kept it as is, but told the parents a synopsis of my conversation with the NP. They didn't like her either. I told the parents it would hurt if they couldn't get that precise with the dose (although they did get a 5ml and1ml syringe from me).

I hate NP who think they are so smart. Book smart, but no common sense.