Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here I am again

Ok after an 18 month abscense, I have returned. Looooonnnngggg story.

Anyway, I am still in the retail craziness and hating every day. Why do I torture myself? I am seriously considering switching to another field, but the economy is not the best now to go job hunting. I will wait impatiently for the economy to improve.

Pet peeve of the day.........I got off work at 5pm. I had a few items to pick up before I left the store. There I was at the front of the store at the register with crap in my hands, purse on my shoulder, no white coat anywhere near me, and with my husband when a woman comes up to me and says "Oh you're the pharmacist...I have a question..............."

I just wanted to scream.....THERE IS ANOTHER PHARMACIST ..............GO ASK HIM.

But I didn't, I answered her question, but not to my full capacity. I was not going to go all the way back to the first aid isle to help her pick out crap for her son's poison ivy.

Don't bother me when I am obviously on MY TIME. I have a life too.