Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Little surpise in a prescription

Today, I was handed a birth control pak by my tech to transfer from another pharmacy. The patient had dropped it off in the drive thru. When I opened up the pak to take down the pharmacy's info and I got a little surprise. Inside was a tiny baggie filled with white powder. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......are we keeping salt or Equal in tiny baggies in our b/c paks now? I think not.

I promptly called the police who showed up 2 hours later to confiscate the baggie. The officer immediately knew the name since they've been out at the house so often arresting everyone. Half of the family is in jail.

Unfortunately, the police cannot prosecute since they did not catch it themselves, but they did get the drugs out of the pharmacy.

I called up the 'patient' to inform her we would not be able to fill her prescriptions. When I told her I found a baggie inside the pak, she said 'I figured that's what you were calling for. Never mind just throw the rx away."

Can you imagine the conversation in the car after they left the drive thru????

Fucking druggies...........get out of my store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Prank Calls Can be Funny, but not this one

Saturday I answered the phone after the tech tried to talk to this girl. A teenage girl by the sound of her voice.

'Pharmacist, what can I do for you?'

"Yeah, what kind of lube do you recommend?"

'Well, they're pretty much the same. It's really a personal preference issue.'

'You have to recommend one. I hear some are better than others.'

'KY products are all good.'

'Is this from personal experience?'

now, I pretty much know this is a crank call, but just in case, I stay professional.

'No, this is from sales data. It's what we sell the most of.'

'What are the largest size condoms you carry?'

I go out to the aisle and look.....

'Trojan Magnum XL'

'Are you sure that's the biggest ones you have?'


mumbling in background....guy's voice

'You're sure you don't have any bigger condoms."


It gets better .......................

'Do you carry sex toys?'

still trying to maintain my professionalism but I'm getting irritated....................

'No, this is a pharmacy. You'd have to go to a specialty shop for that.'

'So you have them at the pharmacy?'

'NO!!!!!!!!!! I said we ARE a pharmacy and you need to go to a specialty shop for those products'

'Well, can you recommend one?'

'I have to go now. I have another call holding.'

Then the teenage douchebag says.................................

'Bitch, don't hang up on me.'


I say, 'I am hanging up now.' Click.

This would have been an amusing little story if not for the very last part. Made me really really really angry for the whole rest of the morning. Crank call if you will, just don't get nasty when people who have a real job to do need to cut your ass off.