Tuesday, December 1, 2009

just so tired

I am so tired of all the corporate bullshit. I just want to use my techs to ring the register instead of me. Maybe then I could get the fucking phone that's been holding for me for over 5 minutes. They aren't interested in customer service, only in their numbers. Which by the way are WAY WRONG. According to their magic sheets, we do between 200-300 LESS scripts per week than we actually fill. So, if I'm really filling 1500 scripts they think we only fill 1250 or so. I must budget my tech hours on THEIR reports. Supposedly they have fixed this but might take a month or two until the reports correct. Meanwhile, I have to schedule according to their stupid numbers. During our busiest season. And with a new computer system coming on board in 2 weeks.
I need a new job. I have to get out of retail before it kills me. I am tired of being just a number cruncher and not valued as a person. Getting my resume ready.
Just when exactly did running a pharmacy ((A MEDICAL PROFESSION) turn into the same as running a taco bell>??????