Sunday, August 12, 2007

Know Your Meds

People....when you come into the pharmacy, know how many prescriptions you should be picking up. When something is missing, have the brain power to know what it is. Write it down if you must. And if you are a person's PAID caregiver then you really should know what the hell it is. When you know there is one missing, but can't remember the name, don't expect me to get my crystal ball out. It is still in the shop. You kindly said you would go home and figure out which one was missing. Then when you called you had to ream my tech about your $100/hr salary we are waisting because you had to come back. WE ASKED YOU WHILE YOU WERE HERE, DUMBASS. Then ream us again when you get here. NO INSURANCE COMPANY LETS YOU ORDER MEDS WHEN IT IS CONVENIENT FOR YOU AND YOUR PILL BOX. They all have limits. The most lenient I've seen in Medicare D is about 7 days. Don't tell me every other pharmacy for all of your other patients lets you order meds whenever you want. I'll fill the prescriptions when you want too, if your client want to pay out-of-pocket for them. Or we have to wait until the insurance lets us bill it, as do you, Miss High-and-Mighty. And don't pull the old well, maybe I'll have to switch pharmacies, crap. I hear it all day long. You're always back. We never get to have our party.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dumb question of the day

A "nurse" from a local nursing home called this evening. She had 2 prescriptions for Norco for the same patient, same doctor. They were written on different dates. The first was written almost a month ago, the 2nd was written about one week ago. Pt was scared to take the pain killers which is why neither rx had been filled. 1st rx Norco 5mg, 2nd rx Norco 7.5mg

Are you ready?......Here it comes........

"So, is the 5 stronger than the 7.5?" Jaw dropped open. I think a first or second grader could answer this. Get your number line out lady.

And to think she is dispensing these old people's meds.


Yes, another blog about community pharmacy land. We all need to vent somewhere or our eyeballs will just pop out. Posting responses on other sites is no longer satisfying.

I work for a relatively small grocery chain pharmacy. It is local to my area and has about 20 stores in the chain. I like being in this smaller environment after being in big corpro pharmacy for 15 years.