Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Idiot Nurse Practitioner

Rx came in today.......zithromax 200/5 4.7ml today and 2.3ml qd for 4 more days. What the fuck? How in the world will a parent measure this? I called the NP to change it to a more reasonable 5ml and 2.5ml which has actual markins on the syringe (1tsp 1/2 tsp). She absolutely refused even when I said it would be very hard for the parents to measure. She insisted on the EXACT dose calculated by the kid's weight. What a moron. Like an extra 0.2 or 0.3ml will be toxic to the kid!! This is not lasix or furosemide for crying out loud.

I kept it as is, but told the parents a synopsis of my conversation with the NP. They didn't like her either. I told the parents it would hurt if they couldn't get that precise with the dose (although they did get a 5ml and1ml syringe from me).

I hate NP who think they are so smart. Book smart, but no common sense.

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