Monday, June 8, 2009

you've got to be kidding me

I have a problem tech as most of us probably do. She is one step away from getting canned for repeated sick calls and being late. But, to her credit, she has not missed a day since March.

She goes out quite often for me to get me various food to clog my arteries. I do not have her punch out for this as it is my request and not her lunch. This weekend she asks if I need her to go get me lunch. I had actually brought lunch for once and asked her if she needed to go get herself something. She said, "No but I was hoping you wanted something so I could go by Blockbuster."

WHAT? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not eat at Blockbuster. Getting me food is not time for her to do other errands. I am still pissed off. I asked her why she thought going to get me food included her stopping by Blockbuster and she just said "I just needed to look for something real quick."

I will have to be seriously starving to ever send her for food again.


Andrew said...

Is the blockbuster's right next door to where she's getting your food? If so, I don't see a problem with it. She's doing YOU a favor by going to get your food (something she would be well within her right to refuse by the way) so I don't see a quick stop at a nearby store as a problem.

RxKerBer said...

No the Blockbuster isn't next to the food. And I know she's within her right to refuse. I am not an idiot. The point being she is doing this favor for me ON THE CLOCK. And I do usually buy her lunch too. And she didn't want to just drop off a movie in the slot, she wanted to browse for movies. Getting lunch for the RPh is a favor YOU ARE BEING PAID FOR. Do not take advantage of this.

And you obviously didn't read the first half of the post carefully. She has had constant attendance issues.

.: Lowly Pharm Tech :. said...

Ok this post was hilarious from an outsider point of view. I know how frustrating that must be, but what had me in stitches was the "WHAAT???!???" portion. It's EXACTLY what went through my head as I read the sentence just before it. I really am flabbergasted that she was off doing errands on her PAID break. I cherish those when the pharmacists has me run off somewhere for something hot and fresh and offers to buy. I am THERE and back as soon as possible, even if it takes less time than a normal break.

As a personal story, we have an issue with one of our Pharmacists coming in late EVERY day for her afternoon shift, and by late we are talking 20 minutes to 1 hour. She's either on time or only 5 minutes late for her morning shifts so we are grateful for that. Our other staff pharmacist is infuriated by it, but refuses to confront her about it.

Back when she first started at our store, this was when she used to bother giving us reasons for being late, she told us she was late because she was cooking food for everyone and came in with a couple Tupperware bowls full of stuff. This was a full hour late, but she had food and we just saw it as a lame excuse but with free food. Now she's just as late and never brings food nor bothers with an excuse any more. When will people learn?

- Lowly

RxKerBer said...

sorry, Anon...I deleted your response by accident. And I stand by my original statement. I am not wrong. If you think it is OK to run personal errands on company time, ask your boss. Yes it is her gas and her car, but she is not forced and is compensated with free lunch. Yes, I realize she has probably been doing this all along which pisses me off even more!!!!!! No wonder it takes half an hour or more to get lunch when it is only 2miles away. And she still gets to take her official lunch out of the pharmacy (yes unpaid). But I have to eat while being interrupted a million times. My food is usually ice cold. So I really have no sympathy that she has used her own gas. It is VOLUNTARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You know, I was going to say that sending a tech out to buy food while the tech is still on the clock is wrong... and technically... it is. However, if pharmacists would get their 30-60 minute lunch break like they are entitled to, then they wouldn't HAVE to send techs out to fetch lunch for them.

I do agree with you about it being wrong for her to browse Blockbuster movie. Even if she wanted to return a DVD, it should have been done before work. I think Blockbuster has a time limit on those things, and the cut-off time is around lunch time anyway.

-- Pharmacy intern