Monday, October 1, 2007

How dare you....

This weekend, an elderly man came in to get a B vitamin his doctor had recommended for his chills. I don't know of any B vitamin to help with chills. Maybe he's anemic? Mind you, this was a VERY elderly frail looking man. Are his kidneys still working? I don't know. I told him to ask his doctor to be more specific in which B vitamin he intended the man to have. I know, I know.... a cop-out but I had only had 2 hrs of sleep and he didn't seem real with-it to answer my more probing questions.

Well, a couple of minutes later the guy is back with a lady from the non-foods department asking the same question. My tech overheard and I went out front again. I re-iterated my stance on calling the doctor. The non-foods person had the cojones to say "Well, a B-complex vitamin should be OK" and start to hand it to him. Now I was pissed. Not at the man, but the non-foods associate. I said that I didn't know what other medical conditions the man might have and I didn't know of a B vitamin to treat chills. THEN SHE CONTINUED TO CONTRADICT ME BY SAYING "WELL, B VITAMINS CAN'T REALLY HURT. THEY ALL GET FLUSHED OUT ANYWAY." I had to play the "I'm the pharmaicst and this is what I said" card.

Do not argue with me in front of a patient. You do not have that right. And yes B vitamins can cause nerve damage in high doses, you moron. Where the hell does she get off thinking she can do this? Did she go to school for 9 damn years (ok not all pharmacy)?

And then there's the whole legality of this. The only thing a non-pharmacist can do is show a person where the product is. Otherwise, all questions must go to the pharmacist.

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PharmGal said...

thanks for your advice on the scary vein issues....I will probably be wearing a lot of pants to coverage them up as well......

and i've had my share of non-professionals give out medical advice and contradict what I've said in front of patients before's all I can do to not ring their necks!