Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stupid Questions 1

Do you sell contact lenses?

Are these little round yellow ducolax things called tablets? [This required a 5 minute reassurance that they were tablets]

Do you carry this battery for my phone?

Why can't I have 20 more oxycodone caps even though I just got 150 of them 5 days ago? These are for a car accident.

Me, on the phone after the tech has been asked to speak to a pharmacist: Hello, this is the pharmacist, how may I help you? Idiot: What is your name? Me: name. Idiot: Is this the pharmacist? [no dumbass, I just said that I was. April Fools]

That's all I can think of for now, but it is late and I am tired. More to come later.


Anonymous said...

I had one crazy lady ask me which type of alcohol to use on her furniture stains...70% isopropyl or 99%, one lady wanted me to recommend a hair conditioner, and another guy asked "what do you know about anxiety" and then the conversation went off the deep end when he really had no questions that I could get out of him at all. Every thing I said or suggested, he had a comeback for (oh no, I can't take that kind of medication....I get pleny of sleep....I am in the best physical shape ever, I don't need any more exercise". What the hell are you asking me for if you already know everything???

Anonymous said...

omfg.. i feel for u guys..u all must have a ton of patience. im not an rph however..over the years..just about every time ive had to go to a pharmacy.stupidity..idiot customers holding up lines asking dumb questions with no concern about anyone else either working and or in line.well..all i can say is..its pretty predictable. kinda like idiot drivers on the kinda scarey in a way knowing 75% of these people are really that clueless. i had a pharmacist friend who hated the srive up window..he told me that some kady actually asked him to get her mouthwash..toothpaste and the driveup! wtf? insane!