Monday, September 10, 2007

Let me show you where to put that cake.

Scenerio: Man shows up to pick up both his and his wife's Rxs. Paying for each person with a different credit card. No big deal to me. Asked which one he would like big deal for him. I rang his up first - totals nearly $400. Man forgot his card in the car. Asks to do wife's first. Fine....cancel out transaction and ring wife's. No problem. Has a shopping cart with a single lonely cake inside. Asks me how much said cake is. [irritation starts]. Have to carefully tilt cake so as to not damage it as our scanner is mounted to the wall next to the register. Inform man of price. He says he will call his daughter to see if she wants it. He returns cake to the cart. [My hands are now sticky] Asks me how big the damn cake is. [I don't know. I don't care. Look at the fucking package that is now 10 feet away from me in your cart!!!] Man leaves cart to go to car to get his credit card. Comes back. Pays for his Rxs [again total was mentioned]. NOW HE ASKS WHAT HE PAID FOR!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I go over the rxs. There are 2 separate strengths of Crestor [which I mentioned the 1st time]. He said he only wanted the lower strength and didn't know why both were there. I don't know either since I didn't take your order. Most likely, you called in both, you dumb-ass. [I know the RPh who filled it should have questioned, but maybe the MD wanted a 15mg dose?] problem. I can write up a refund that man can take to the front of the store to the courtesy counter [I can give out medicines all day, all by myself if needed, but Lord knows I am too dumb to handle refunds]. Man not happy about having to go all the way up front. Nothing I can do. Then it comes....are you asks me if I rang up the flippin cake!!!!! NO NO NO. You didn't ask me to, it is still in your cart. You were going to call your daughter and were back in 30 seconds. [My tech is listening to all of this and shaking her head]. I told man he could take the cake with him to the courtesy counter and they could ring up the cake when they handled the refund [I know passing the buck but I was beoynd irritated]

He is now known as the cake man in my eyes forever.


Anonymous said...

I once had a customer who wanted to pay half cash and half on her debit card. No problem I say. She hands we 100 dollars and then swipes her card and asks for 100 dollars cash back. There was nothing I could say.

RxKerBer said...

sorry it took so long to post your comment....I didn't have internet access for 2+ weeks!

Emera said...

This is great info to know.