Sunday, January 24, 2010


So, we have this kid that comes in nearly every day to steal something. He is always high as a kite. Sometimes he has me identify mystery pills (usually some sort of narcotic). The other day, he asked if we gave away free condoms, which we don't. At least he wanted to protect himself and others. But otherwise, this guy is bad news.

Today, he comes in and tells my tech that he feels awful. My tech gets me. He says he thinks his blood pressure is really low and he feels like throwing up. I asked if he felt weak..yes he does. I suggest he go to the ER to get checkd out. He mumbled something in response (he mumbles a lots). I thought he said he wanted to check his BP so I told him where the machine was. His response........................................................

"No, I just need to get a syringe."

"You don't need a syringe to check your blood pressure"

"Yeah, my thing I have at home needs a syringe to work right."

"No it doesn't and I'm not selling you a syringe"

Does he think I am stupid??? This exchange kept going with him finally yelling at me that I need to give him a "fucking" syringe over and over. I told him to leave the store and finally had to call the store manager to escort him out.

I know some people are in the camp of sell the syringe to protect public health. But I'm not. You can be and I see the point. I work in a very drug riddled area and refuse to sell syringes to anyone without a prescripton. Let them share needles and get Hep C, etc. I don't want any more of these types in my store. There's enough as it is.

I hate junkies.


Guzzo said...

I don't sell them either, and for the exact same reasons.

angrytech said...

I see a certain line. Somebody comes in that seems otherwise healthy or okay.. give 'em the benefit of a doubt.

If an obvious junkie comes in completely sick like the guy at your store, or very clearly covered in sores, with track marks, you don't want that syringe you sell to be the figurative last straw on the camel's back.