Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year in Hell

I know every other pharmacist is going through the same thing today but I need to vent. I asked the 100 millionth customer if they had a new insurance card.....of course not. Luckily (maybe), she has Med D, so I ran a Med D check through the computer. Oh, yes new whole works. I explained that her plan has changed and she should have a new card; if she doesn't she needs to call and get one for future. Then she says "OH, well, I haven't checked my mail in a while. Maybe it's in there." I just wanted to strangle her.

Why can't people check their plans and realize this is a NEW YEAR. This means you might have a deductible to meet even if you've never had one before. Plans change, copays go up. READ YOUR DAMN MAIL. I know some elderly persons just cannot grasp this, but they are not the ones I am complaining about. I can see the "old person fog" and I am patient. But the rest of you should know what the fuck is going on.

On another note, I had a lady ask me what to do about her ultra red eye. Apparently, she had an itch and had scratched a bit too hard. I told her to get an eye wash and see the MD Monday if it's not clearing up. After I showed her where the eye wash was, she asked me if she should apply it with a cotton ball. To her EYE...not the lid....the EYEBALL!!!! WTF?????? Great idea, lady.
And on the same theme of eyes, if your eye looks like it is swimming in dark red blood (not bloodshot...actual blood) and the eyeball looks nearly separate from the socket, get to the ER immediately.....I do not have any eye drops to give you. No amount of doe-eyed (with the good eye) begging is going to help. It's your sight for crying out loud!!!!

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