Tuesday, December 1, 2009

just so tired

I am so tired of all the corporate bullshit. I just want to use my techs to ring the register instead of me. Maybe then I could get the fucking phone that's been holding for me for over 5 minutes. They aren't interested in customer service, only in their numbers. Which by the way are WAY WRONG. According to their magic sheets, we do between 200-300 LESS scripts per week than we actually fill. So, if I'm really filling 1500 scripts they think we only fill 1250 or so. I must budget my tech hours on THEIR reports. Supposedly they have fixed this but might take a month or two until the reports correct. Meanwhile, I have to schedule according to their stupid numbers. During our busiest season. And with a new computer system coming on board in 2 weeks.
I need a new job. I have to get out of retail before it kills me. I am tired of being just a number cruncher and not valued as a person. Getting my resume ready.
Just when exactly did running a pharmacy ((A MEDICAL PROFESSION) turn into the same as running a taco bell>??????


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear it.

Suggestion: pick some patient (randomly) every 1-2 hrs to spend an extra 3.5 min. to go over some facts in your database e.g. medical history, allergies, use of glucometer, chronic condition, etc. Giving something useful that you were trained to provide, does a little something good for self-respect, plus thumbs-your-nose at the numbers guys.

Take care to get plenty of water, good sleep, and exercise for aerobic oxygenation and tone muscles.

Take care.

Rxpert said...

Hey what's up? Stumbled upon ur post and I think it's hilarious. My last stint was doing graves @ a 300 bed hospital.

Seriously, not too far back I was the ONLY person on duty for 8 hours. One night, I went through a Jack-in-the-Box drive thru and they had TWO people working the night shift!

Eventually, my hospital did turn into a Jack-in-the-Box when they finally gave me a tech hehehe

Anonymous said...

Looks as you work for same chain I work for. Recently they set up a breakfast meeting or something like that they can pound on you in person.
My suggestion is, don't work for the Bonus,practice pharmacy as best as you can and keep your sanity sane.If you are in charge, management can replace you but it not worth for small amount of PIC salary for shitload of stress.