Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What makes all the shit OK

The other day, one of my regular customers was staring at me. He is a bit odd, but nice. I asked him if he had a question, and he shook his head no and said " they're gone". I was afraid his dad had died. As I am staring back at him puzzled, he finally said " the headaches....they're gone."

Oh.....I remember now. Several weeks ago this man had come into the pharmacy with rxs for a triptan and narcotic. He looked like pure Hell. I asked if he was OK. Barely able to speak, he said no. He had cluster migraines. Had had them for 2 years. They were very cyclical and he was in the middle of a whopper. I asked if he had ever tried a preventative med. He said no as he didn't have insurance. I shared with him my husband's similar story with cluster migraines. A doctor put him on amitriptyline and atenolol. After a couple of months, my husband was pain free. He has a twinge now and then, but has not had a full blown migraine in 15+ years. And these meds are cheap!

After I shared this experience, he asked for the names of the 2 meds so he could ask his md. I wrote them down for him, but I did caution it might not work, nor did I know his history. He said, he understood, but he needed to try something. Apparently the doctor agreed and my patient is able to live his life again. His pain was down to a manageable 2/10 and he could handle that. He is supposed to write a letter to my corporate office and give me a copy.

I did not do this for a corporate kudos. I did this to help a man in horrible pain. One customer made my whole month worthwhile.

Thank you, Mr Cluster.


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful! Especially since he chose to come back and let you know. (But I have to wonder why his doctor didn't think of that on his own?)

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised his doctor did not think of that on his own, but it is nice that he took the time to come and let you know how you had helped him.